SOLD – Cardinal House Langford Antiqued Bulldog 910

Cardinal House Antique Style Bulldog


My aim for this piece was not to copy or reproduce, but to pay homage to those neat old French briar Bulldogs, with their dark Mahogany finishes, fitted cases and amber stems, that all collectors love! I didn’t want to make the elaborate and luxurious case that my Meerschaum Collection pipes wear, so I’m practicing making the more traditional style cases. This case is really great, but not perfect… it’s a learning process.

The pipe itself is a Cardinal House Langford series Bulldog shaped briar, smooth with a dark Mahogany finish. The stem is hand-cut from fine Italian acrylic in a Tortoise Amber motif!

It is 4.75 inches long and 1.35 inches tall. The chamber is 3/4 inches diameter and 1.1 inches deep.