Cannoy Signature Suedeblast Grade 8 Rhodesian 113

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Cannoy Signature Suedeblast Rhodesian Grade 8
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Created by the earth and water, refined by the artist, a perfect product of nature skillfully realized as a work of wonder. To hold this Cannoy Signature Suedeblast Rhodesian in your hand is a rare thrill. The unmistakable and iconic finish highlights each and every individual strand of grain so carefully woven by nature. Paired with Limited Edition SEM Earth and Water Cumberland, this piece is a mesmerizing experience.

This Cannoy Signature Rhodesian is finished my exclusive “Suedeblast” sandblast finish. It is natural/unstained. The stem is hand-cut Limited Edition SEM Cumberland with integrated tenon, and the mortise is sleeved in Delrin.

This pipe is 5 inches long and 1.7 inches tall. The tobacco chamber is 3/4 inches diameter and 1.4 inches deep. It weighs 1.3 oz. (38g)

This is a Grade 8 Cannoy signature series pipe, hand signed and dated using archival materials inlaid beneath clear acrylic.


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