SOLD – Cannoy Signature Bamboo Horn 828

Cannoy Signature Horn with Bamboo


The Cannoy Signature Series represents the very best of my work. These are high grade pipes with superb fit and finish. This Cannoy Signature Horn is made from Grade I Mimmo Plateau briar and has a smooth, contrast stained finish. The bottom of the Horn is shaped asymmetrically with a convex curve on one side leading up to an off-center natural plateau ridge, then a convex curve sweeping away from the other side.

This Grade 7 pipe features a crazy beautiful section of bamboo rhizome with a thin strip of black Ebonite bordering between it and the stummel. The stem separates at the saddle, leaving a short Ebonite ferrule at the end of the bamboo shank. The tenon is integrated, and the mortise is sleeved with white Delrin for smooth assembly and disassembly. The stem is expertly hand-cut from black NYH German Ebonite rod. The tobacco chamber is sanded dead smooth and left uncoated. This work of art is hand signed in archival ink and paper, inlaid under a small clear acrylic disc on the shank.

This pipe is 6.35 inches long from tip to tail! The tobacco chamber is 3/4 in. diameter by 1.65 inches deep.