Cannoy Meerschaum Collection #9 – Bamboo Shanked Rhodesian


This pipe was presented in the The American Exhibition: The Art of Bamboo in American Pipemaking

The bamboo shanked meerschaum pipe theme has become a favorite of mine, in case you haven’t noticed. My favorite pipe (this year) is a bamboo shanked meerschaum. It is lightweight, exquisite in construction and detail, a phenomenal smoker, and despite its delicate feel and appearance, it is surprisingly sturdy. I have dropped mine no less than a half-dozen times now (on a carpeted floor, thank goodness!), and it has remained un-phased!

This bamboo shanked Rhodesian shares all of the traits with my favorite pipe. Well, I haven’t dropped it to check the sturdiness, but it is constructed exactly the same way. I decided to stray from my track record of black bamboo coupled with white stems for this meerschaum pipe. Instead, I went with a three node section of light bamboo, and paired it with a short length of the classic NYH red Cumberland Ebonite. Of course, the handcut stem has an integrated tenon, and the mortise in the bamboo is sleeved with white Delrin.

This pipe comes with a handmade fitted case, covered in genuine leather, with hand cut brass hardware!