Cannoy Meerschaum Collection #7 – Bamboo Billiard


I really liked how the Freehand Dublin with bamboo turned out. It was long and lean, and had a very elegant presentation to it. I needed to make another bamboo meer!

Inspired in part by the classic Danish style bamboo billiards (think Stanwell), this small bamboo meerschaum has all the right elements to make the perfect pipe. Weighing in at only eighteen grams, it’s as light as a feather. The ivory resin stem offers the feel of Ebonite with the looks of ivory and the longevity of acrylic. The deftly shaped meerschaum stummel is a textbook rendition of the classic billiard bowl, and of course the two knuckles of black bamboo add a little extra cooling space in the airway, and a nice touch of class to boot.

Stick all that inside a gorgeous handmade fitted case, covered in genuine leather and lined in velvet with handmade brass hardware, and you have quite the perfect package to turn all of your pipe collector friends green with envy!