Cannoy Meerschaum Collection #10 – Bamboo Rhodesian


I was contacted by a client who had fallen in love with the last Bamboo Rhodesian after seeing it in the special American Exposition series “The Art of Bamboo in American Pipe Making”, and was commissioned to make another similar. The design was straightforward, classic and elegant, a small bowled Rhodesian, three nodes of natural bamboo, and a stem hand-cut from NYH German Cumberland rod.

Of course, the package wouldn’t be complete without my hand-crafted fitted case, complete with hand wrought brass hardware. But, for this piece, I decided to kick that hardware design up a notch! Incorporating full plates of solid brass, I crafted for each half of the case a single piece into which the hinges and latch are incorporated. Not only does this unify, strengthen and reinforce the case and closure, but it also looks awesome as hell!

It has been five years since I’ve made the previous Meerschaum Collection pipe, and my small stash of meerschaum stones have been waiting very patiently for their chance to shine. With the completion of this new Rhodesian, I have a renewed enthusiasm for working in this rare medium!