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Everything is New at Cannoy Pipes!

Friends, so much has changed since we last spoke. After the losses we suffered over the past year, my wife and I have left our house on Cardinal Place. The departure was bittersweet, abandoning not only the tragedies and pain of late, but also the happy memories of the hopes and dreams we had in that place.

Our new cozy little space!

We’ve decided to simplify our lives, and after getting rid of the vast majority of our possessions, we are now settling into a small, one bedroom apartment in downtown Lakeland. It’s a drastic and refreshing change from a big house in the suburbs, full of clutter. 

Another significant difference is the fact that I am now commuting to work. I no longer have the convenience of walking a few yards to my workshop, literally in my backyard, each morning. I am renting a dedicated workshop space clear across town. Of course, this presents a bit of a new challenge since my wife and I have been sharing just one car for quite some time. When I was working from home, I didn’t need the car all day… but now, it’s always one of us dropping the other off!

Although our Cardinal House is gone, and my well worn, flood prone workshop with it, I will be keeping the Cardinal House brand on my affordable handmade pipes.

My wife, Brandy, left her job at Amazon at the beginning of the year so that she could complete her education internship. She graduated in the Spring with a B.S. in Elementary Education, and will begin teaching in just a few short weeks from now! She has been working over the summer at an incredible local artisan bakery to fill the gap, and enjoys it so much that she plans to continue working there part-time after school starts. 

We’ve said goodbye to part of our family. Left our home, our workplaces, our routines. We have new lives, a new place to lay our heads at night, and a new direction on our professional paths. Truly, everything is new here at the Cannoy home.

A New Too!

I’m excited to report that I’ve been working rebuilding my website from the ground up. Recently, fell victim to a relatively benign, but irreversible hack. After many attempts to fix it, and exploring all of the options, I decided that it was best to completely delete the entire site and rebuild it from the ground up. While I am still working on building many of the aspects of the new site, you will find that a new improved web store experience is now fully operational, and also now fully secure from the moment you land on my site, not just during checkout!

I invite you to check out the new site, hit the buttons, scroll the product listings and photos, try out the shopping cart, and, heck, go ahead and buy yourself something nice while you’re here. You deserve it!