Work of Fiction – The Penny Farthing

I often start my design process by sketching a series of ovals and boxes in different arrangements, looking for something that could become a pipe to jump out at me. The sketch that would lead to the conception of this pipe began as a large circle attached to a smaller circle, which immediately evoked an image of the “penny farthing”Penny Farthing bicycle in my mind. I decided to explore that premise, designing the “shank” of this pipe along the curve that would make up the frame of the bicycle. Although the long stem and trumpeted bowl are somewhat extraneous to the penny farthing premise, I decided it was enough to simply have that idea as a base and build those elements on to it.

Does the finished pipe look like a penny farthing bicycle? No. But the idea of the bicycle forms the core of this shape, and was the inspiration for the design, and so it shall be named!

This pipe features a removable bowl which seats snugly inside a Delrin lined mortise in the body of the pipe. As you might have guessed, the body is a cooling chamber with removable clear acrylic windows, through which the swirling smoke can be viewed as it cools. The acrylic windows are held firmly in place by spring-loaded keepers that have been handmade from gorgeous solid black Gaboon Ebony wood.

Weight: 3.8 oz (109g)

Total Height: 6.57 inches (167 mm)

Bowl Height: 1.77 inches (45 mm)

Body Diameter from Side View: 2.16 inches (55 mm)

Chamber Diameter: 0.87 inches (22 mm)

Chamber Depth: 1.26 inches (32 mm)

Stem Material: Ivory Resin

Other Materials: Gaboon Ebony band and keepers, Clear Acrylic windows

Finish: Smooth

Grade: 9C


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