The Perfect Pipe Roll

Like most of the things I create, the inspiration behind the design of the Perfect Pipe Roll comes fromĀ an effort to meet my own needs as a pipe smoker.

The Perfect Pipe Roll is, well, perfect for a night out on the town or a day away from your man cave! This pipe roll has a spot for everything you need: A pipe pocket, a pipe cleaners pocket, a tobacco pouch, and a small pocket behind the tobacco pouch for a pipe tool and a lighter or matches. All of this comes in a compact 4 inches by 8.5 inches when rolled up!

A handy flap folds down over the pipe and cleaners pockets to keep them in place when the roll is closed, and the attached leather strap can be cinched around itself to hold the roll closed.

As an added touch, the matching fabric lining inside the tobacco pouch is actually laminated in vinyl to keep your tobacco at your preferred moisture level all day long!

Of course, like everything offered on my site, these Perfect Pipe Rolls are made 100% in house!

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Explorer Pipe Roll
Price: $59.00
Homesteader Pipe Roll
Price: $59.00

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