The Cannoy Suede Blast

I can hardly think of my seven year hiatus from pipemaking as actually being away from the art completely. There was never a day that I didn’t think about pipes in one way or another. Pipemaking had been permanently ingrained in my soul.

Throughout those many years, I have had plenty of time to think about new techniques and processes to bring to the pipemaking process. It is quite difficult to develop a new style that is unique, attractive, versatile, has a broad range of appeal, and has never been seen before in the pipe community. But there are rare instances, just when you think that everything that can be done to a pipe has already been tried, that an innovative new style shows up to raise the pipemaking bar once again. This is that innovation.

I present for your consideration, the Suede Blast finish. A blast so deep, fine and detailed, bold and dramatic, but smooth and pleasing, rustic yet refined…

IMG_2556_cThe Cannoy suede blast is a unique evolution of the traditional sand blasting process that further defines the natural grain of the briar.  The result of this new process is an elegant texture reminiscent of a suede look, and quite pleasing to the touch. The texture literally shimmers in the light with ever-changing directional highlights, reflecting light much like fine velvet.

Although the appearance can be compared to many frail and delicate fineries, have no doubt that it is a rugged finish with no need for special handling or treatment.

The Suede Blasting process is, of course, a closely guarded secret. The mechanics of the process are nearly identical to traditional sandblasting, but equipment, media, and methods are vastly different. Additionally, the process involves much more time than traditional sandblasting. A small billiard, for example, can take up to eight hours of blasting to achieve this result.

Look for the Cannoy Suede Blast pipes to be available beginning in 2013, but in the mean time, click on these photos for a closer look!

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11 Responses to “The Cannoy Suede Blast

  • Walt, I like the new blast finish very much….You are making me have PAD again….I’m really excited that you are back doing what you love so much….It’s a wonderful art form for you…No one does it better…No one…

  • Walt, that blast is amazing and your pipes simply blow my mind.

    Amazing pipes!

  • Walt,love that Suede blast finish,especially with the contrast of the smooth rims and shanks!
    BTW.I have a friend who lives in Lakeland. He’s been selling pipes on Ebay for years.

    • Thanks Ed! Lakeland is not a big town, and there doesn’t seem to be very much pipe action here… I wonder if I know your friend…

  • This is an outstanding finish. The way you use it to contrast with smooth portions of the pipes simply emphasizes the beauty. You say it’s a blast — and I believe you of course — but to me it has the look of something I’d call “microrustication.” The detail is astounding and I can well imagine how nifty that feels in the hand.

    I’ll be paying close attention here. I’m in Miami and often train at gun range near Lakeland (if you mean Lakeland FLORIDA) so I may have to try to arrange for a visit.

    • Thanks Robert! It’s such a very new and different finish, I think it’s going to take some time for people to really “understand” it. Helps to hold one in your hands!

      And, yes, I am in Lakeland, Florida!

  • That is an amazing finish! You sir have made my purchase bucket list. I would love to see on in a green similar to the Racing Green by Peterson.

    • Thanks Patrick! Unfortunately, I have an intense aversion to green colored pipes, as many who know me will readily attest to!

  • Congratulations on a really terrific looking blast technique.
    It appears to be a real innovation and I salute the accomplishment.

    • Thank you Steve! Look for me in Chicago again in 2014 if you would like to see them first hand! It would be nice to hang out and chat!

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