Do you own a Cannoy pipe or a Cardinal House pipe? Post your review in the comments section below!

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  • Love my Cannoy Cardinal House pipe. The workmanship is excellent. The stain really brings out the grain in a very intricate detail. The button is super thin @3.25mm which is the thinnest of any of my pipes and is very comfortable.

  • I’ve got two Cannoy pipes from his Cardinal House line. Not only are they great values for the money, they are simply just great pipes. I have some other regular production Walt Cannoy’s and quality-wise , these are right there with them. You might want to note the dimensions when ordering, as these tend to run a little small…but most of us have places in our rotation for varied sized pieces. Walt is by no means alone in now offering some “value-priced” pipes, but knowing what his standards are, I wasn’t hesitant to give the Cardinal House line a shot. Overall, big thumbs up here!

  • I have had the pleasure of owning several Cannoy pipes over the years. Walt makes some of the very best pipes that can be purchased and worth every penny. Forget the Dunhills, grab yourself a Cannoy!

  • I own two of Walt’s Suedeblast pipes and they are second to none among the hundreds high grade of pipes I’ve handled. His shapes are perfectly symmetrical and finished to perfection. The suede blast finish is totally unique and intricate while durable and comfortable in the hand. The finish grows to look better with use and feels great even after a couple of years of smoking. if you like to collect unique pipes, your collection is incomplete without a suede blast.

  • I consider myself fortunate that I’ve been able to acquire a few of Walt’s pipes so far, including a Cannoy Suede Blast 6, the first available Cardinal House pipe, and the only Cardinal House meerschaum with bamboo I’ve seen so far. I also consider myself fortunate to know Walt through the Lakeland Society of Pipe Enthusiasts, but I can say his pipes speak loudly for themselves. I know a few makers personally, but Walt is a master and his pipes are my point of reference when judging others. I love my Cardinal House pipes and they smoke better than any pipe I’ve been able to acquire at the price, but I would be remiss to put them in the same category as his Cannoy pipes line. The Suede Blast I own is by far my finest smoking pipe. The bit and button work is next to none, and the craftsmanship exhibited in the suede blast finish is absolutely mind boggling. I smoke my Cardinal House pipes more frequently, and my suede blast is reserved for the right place and time (and baccy of course). I have never regretted a single dollar spent on any of Walt’s work, and with his new guarantee I know that you won’t either. I look forward to many more years with my Cannoy pipes, and hope that one day my son will enjoy them as well (when I’m dead, he isn’t getting them any earlier).

  • My name is Fernando and i am very lucky to have several cardinal house pipes from Walt THE BEST PIPE MAKER EVER , i am waiting for my first Cannoy pipe , Walt is the best a REAL ARTIST , sincerely yours Fernando .

  • Now i own few Cannoy pipes and couple dozens of Cardinal house pipes I AM A LUCKY men , because they are the best pipes ever in the world , also i have the pleasure to meet Walt last year at the Chicago show a fine gentleman , i smoke and collect pipes since 1983 and have in my collection over 300 pipes , nobody can beat Walt Cannoy pipes they are a MASTER PIECES .
    Sincerely yours Fernando .

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