Nomenclature & Grading – Old & New

1999 – 2006

Large Cannoy Freehand made in February of 2001. Nomenclature includes “W CANNOY” and “020501”

Cannoy pipes were first made available to the public at the beginning of 1999. Most of the pipes sold or given away prior to that year were marked simply with “W CANNOY” in all capital block lettering.

The first pipes released on the open market were marked with the Cannoy name, same as above, but also included a six digit serial number. Since there was never more than one pipe completed on the same day, the serial number served as an indicator of the completion date of that pipe in a mmddyy format.

This signature/serial number format was used from 1999 until around April 2002 when, persuaded by many customers and collectors, Walt Cannoy constructed a grading system and added this to the nomenclature. The grading system consisted of a letter which designated the finish of the pipe: “C” for smooth, “J” for sandblasted, “A” for a rusticated pipe, or “M” for a combination of finishing techniques. Immediately following the letter was a single digit number from 1 to 7 indicating the value of the piece, with 7 being the highest value.

The brand/serial number/grade system of nomenclature was used until the closing of the Cannoy pipe shop in late 2006.

The notorious Cannoy “Rose” pipe, seen in Pipes & Tobaccos Magazine Winter 2002 issue, is marked “W CANNOY, 060502, C7″

Current Nomenclature

As of December 2012, Cannoy pipes is open for production once again. Along with this new generation of pipes comes new markings and nomenclature. The old style “W CANNOY” stamp in block lettering has been replaced with beautiful and memorable script lettering.

The date/serial numbering system has been dropped from the nomenclature. This identifier was very useful for the first few years as a progression of styling was apparent and remarkable differences could be seen in the work from one year to the next. As the pipes’ styling and quality became more consistent, the date became less significant.

2012 production Suede Blast showing the new nomenclature “W CANNOY, SUEDE, 3″

The single letter that indicated finish of the pipe has been replaced by style classifications. So far, these include categories such as “Cruiser”, “Select”, “Custom”, “Suede“, “Artisan”, “Rose”, and a couple of others that are still to be determined. Some of these markings are still being sorted out, and this page will be updated as the new information is available.

The number grade will be kept, but with a slight shift to the scale. The 1 to 7 system has been replaced with a 1 to 9 system with some special markings added to higher end pipes as well. Grade 9 pipes might be supplemented by a letter, for example a grade 9B is higher than a grade 9A, which is higher than a grade 9 pipe.


The Cannoy Meerschaum Collection

In February 2014, the Cannoy Meerschaum Collection was introduced. This series features high quality Turkish block meerschaum, hand-made to American high-grade artisan pipe standards, with perfect engineering, integrated push tenons, and Delrin lined mortises.

Cannoy Meerschaum Collection Number 2, with W. Cannoy script logo and nomenclature.

Cannoy Meerschaum Collection Number 2, with W. Cannoy script logo and nomenclature.

These meerschaum pipes are not graded, but are numbered consecutively, starting at “1”, in order of production. They are also stamped with the W. Cannoy script logo, encircled by the words “HANDMADE” and “BLOCK MEERSCHAUM”


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