Cardinal House Pipes

For quite a while now, I have wanted to offer an affordable option in high quality, completely handmade pipes. In 2014, Cardinal House Pipes was introduced in a limited quantity through my local B&M. At the time, Cardinal House pipes were Cannoy seconds with pre-molded stems, but offered anonymously. Although they were received well in the market, I myself was not satisfied with the quality, especially of the stems, or with the idea of producing seconds.

Throughout the 2015 year, I begun teaching myself to make great pipes faster, and tailored my workflow to that end as well. This lead to the re-creation of Cardinal House Pipes by the end of the year!

The new Cardinal House pipes are not Cannoy seconds. The workflow is completely different from the creation of a Cannoy pipe, and as of the launch of the Cardinal House brand of pipes, I have returned to a part-time/hobbyist level of production on my Cannoy brand pipes. Cardinal House pipes became my full time job.

Cardinal House pipes are not machine made stummels, nor pre-molded stems. They are completely, and expertly handmade in-house from raw, high grade briar, with hand-cut stems from German Ebonite or Acrylic. These pipes represent a best value in handmade pipes in today’s market!

The “Cardinal House” name is derived from the location of my home, on Cardinal Pl. in Lakeland, behind which sits my small, one man workshop where these pipes are crafted. To pay homage to Lakeland, the city in which I grew up and have very close ties, I have named the pipes’ various series after some of my favorite Lakeland locations.

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