Cardinal House Pipes Guarantee

It has been said over and over that you cannot be guaranteed that a particular pipe will be a good smoker, that there are mystical forces at work which, despite the maker’s best efforts, might still cause a pipe to smoke poorly. Pipe buyers have been making purchasing decisions on a “luck of the draw” principle. After all, once you’ve smoked out of a pipe, you can’t return it if it performs poorly, right?

Well, that’s all about to change!

The Cardinal House Pipes Guarantee

Any Cardinal House Pipe purchased from this website,, may be returned within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt, smoked or unsmoked, by the original purchaser if he/she is not fully satisfied with the purchase, for a full refund of the original purchase price minus shipping costs.

  • This guarantee is effective for purchases made on or after November 8th, 2015.
  • This guarantee is effective for purchases made only through, and does not apply to purchases made from other vendors.
  • This guarantee is redeemable only by the original purchaser.
  • The buyer must notify Walt Cannoy of their intention to return the pipe by email to within fifteen calendar days of receipt of the pipe(s). Date of receipt is determined by the “Delivered” status indicated for the USPS tracking number associated with the purchase.
  • The pipe must be undamaged, in original condition, except for reasonable wear, odor, light chamber caking, and light teeth marks associated with careful and normal use for a fifteen day period. The degree of acceptable use and wear for refund qualification under this guarantee will be determined solely by Walt Cannoy or his agent. Any product returned must include product box and bag where supplied.
  • The pipe must be free from modifications, including but not limited to modifications to the internal airway and airflow design, modifications to the geometry or coating of the tobacco chamber, modifications to the stem and button, and modifications to the stain and exterior finish.
  • The purchaser will be responsible for all costs associated with shipping. The original shipping costs cannot be refunded under this guarantee. The purchaser will be responsible for providing tracking at his/her discretion for the return shipping. Loss of merchandise as a result of return shipping is the purchaser’s responsibility.
  • Implementation of this guarantee policy by the purchaser via email request for return authorization constitutes the purchaser’s agreement to the terms described herein.
  • This guarantee is null and void if the product returned has been used, or is suspected to have been used, for smoking any materials other than tobaccos designated for use in a pipe, including but not limited to: marijuana, herbs, synthetic marijuana, any type of drugs, chemicals, oils, vaping liquids, paper, corn silk, hay, you get the point.

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