Cardinal House Pipes Suedeblast Rhodesian The Meerschaum Collection A Revolution in Sandblasting

Cardinal House Pipes

From $189 to $279! Available at the New Orleans Pipe Show!

Suedeblast Rhodesian

With Bamboo and German Cumberland

The Meerschaum Collection

This series features high quality Turkish block meerschaum, hand-made to American high-grade artisan pipe standards, with perfect engineering, integrated push tenons, and Delrin lined mortises. They come with a handmade fitted case.

A Revolution in Sandblasting

There are rare instances, just when you think that everything that can be done to a pipe has already been tried, that an innovative new style shows up to raise the pipemaking bar once again.

Made By Hand

"Each Cannoy pipe is made one at a time, start to finish, in my small Central Florida workshop. This way I can ensure that each piece of briar receives all of the attention to detail that it deserves."

Oil Cured

"Every pipemaker that implements an oil curing process has their own method and materials which they usualy prefer to keep secret. Mine is no different. Sure it takes alot of time, but the improved smoking qualities of the pipe, and reduced break-in period, make it all worth it!"

One of a Kind

"I don't use templates, even on my standard shaped pipes. I've made many billiards that all look like proper billiards, but set any two of them beside each other and study them... You'll find that they are both very different!"

Lifelong Enjoyment

"I construct each pipe with a level of passion bordering on obsession. My customers want pipes that will provide a pleasurable smoking experience forever! That includes the taste, looks, feel, and durability, and I exhaust every resource in an effort to provide that to them."

28th Feb 2013

Get Progress Shots and More!

If you haven’t already be sure to visit my pages on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter where I share videos, photos from the shop and workbench, and shots of pipes in...

03rd Jan 2013
American Pipe

Go West ! – by Erwin Van Hove

Originally published in the June issue of the French magazine Pipe Mag, and re-published in Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine (Spring 2004) Come on, list the names of five American pipe...

15th Dec 2012
Large Cannoy Freehand 020501

Nomenclature & Grading – Old & New

1999 – 2006 Cannoy pipes were first made available to the public at the beginning of 1999. Most of the pipes sold or given away prior to that year were...

09th Dec 2012

The Cannoy Suede Blast

I can hardly think of my seven year hiatus from pipemaking as actually being away from the art completely. There was never a day that I didn’t think about pipes...